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Max is a Blockchain believer with a rational approach, working in this sphere since more than five years.

Technology and the Blockchain is one way to achieve great things, but it is never done for its own purpose.

Max is focusing on ICOs and STOs – making projects successful. After having seen more than 1,000 projects due to his role as an analyst, he knows the ingredients for a good project.

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The long story

Since his time in high school, he was always fascinated by technological projects, which he also pursued by himself. His first big project was a website for his hometown to enable stores publishing their opening hours in a centralized register. While still being in high school, he also published his first simple Android application as a currency converter that is connected to the European central bank interfaces.

In 2013, he was diving deeper into the technology of Bitcoin and soon started to mine them from home. His field of interest was extended to the broader context of Blockchains, which he started to cover as an editor for the biggest German-speaking Blockchain magazine BTC-ECHO. With his colleagues, he published three books about Bitcoin, Blockchain, ​and investments into the cryptocurrency market and landed bestselling positions on Amazon. During his time at the college, he was the Head of IT in a student-run consultancy, leading a team of 8 people.

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